Friday, 9 December 2011


1 LOVE T.O is a movement that bridges the gaps – between cultures, neighbourhoods, interests and generations"
It is about that hometown pride that we all have for our cities but more specifically Toronto!

It demolishes the inside city feuds between areas within a city and focuses on uniting everyone from this beautiful city. This is definitely one of the best attributes Toronto has to offer, we as a city are known for our violence more so in certain areas but by creating that one love and forgetting about the small issues inside, that violence and drama slowly
but surely disappears.

1 LOVE T.O had a recent
store opening, releasing their first store in Toronto. They offer merchandise such as T-shirts, buttons and hats but are only open in the summer and late fall.

They have many social media applications where you can follow and keep up to date with what 1 LOVE T.O is doing.
To stay connected visit their blog at , Twitter : @1LOVET.O and their Facebook page: 1 LOVE T.O

Toronto is my city and I will always represent it.
What city do you love ?!

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