Monday, 3 December 2012

Original King of comedy

Who wears the crown?

Comedy is magic. It has the power to change moods, to heal and even save lives. But who is the best at it? Someone once said, "comedy is all in the delivery," and it's true! Surprising your audience creates a greater effect when it comes to humor. The popular sketch comedy show "Saturday Night Live" does an excellent job at it.

They've produced more stars than any other comedy show. With talents like Adam Sandler, Jimmy Fallon, Mike Myers, and Chris Rock, it's no wonder why the show is so popular. But out of all actors, past or current, the most successful comedian has to be Eddie Murphy.

Playing notable characters on SNL like "Mr. Robinson", "Buckwheat" and "Gumby", he can be accredited for bring the show back to popularity in the early 80's. While on his rise to fame, at age 22 he released his first stand up film "Delirious" to great success. It became an instant classic and continues to set the bar for comedians to this day. It was followed up by the film "Raw" which also received good reviews.

Mr. Robinson & Mr. T

Apart from stand-up, Eddie Murphy has made himself a household name by staring in over 40 films dating back to the 80's. And as if movies weren't enough, the well established actor tried his hand at music. Working with big names like Michael Jackson, Barbra Streisand, and Donna Summers he released two hit singles "Party All the Time" and  "Put Your Mouth on Me".

Eddie will always be remembered for his humor. Whether it be for his stand-up, or his acting in a film. No one will forget such beloved characters like "Donkey", Prince Akeem, Dr. Dolittle, or any of the characters he played in "The Nutty Professor". However, what I will always remember him for, is his ability to successfully transcend comedy to a mainstream audience and pave the way for future comedians. And THAT is why he is the greatest comedian.

Here is my favourite Eddie Murphy moment<<<<<<<<. Let me know what you think. (Warning Parental Advisory)

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