Thursday, 20 September 2012

Does This App Make Me Look Fat?

          Have you ever been out shopping by yourself and couldn’t come to decision about whether or not an item was worth purchasing?  PickN’Tell, a new application, is revolutionizing the way we shop.  Now, even our loneliest of shopping excursions have the ability to be social experiences.  It is the first app of its kind to link both the virtual and physical retail experience by using an app alongside an in-store display.  The app was released in late July and already has an extensive list of retailers on board.

PickN’Tell has three main objectives:
  1. Instant Feedback:  Immediate opinions from your virtual friends and followers
  2. It's all about you:  Keep tabs on your favourite stores and must-haves
  3. Collect Prizes and Points:  Get the scoop on sales, events and discounts
How it works:
  • Retailers that have partnered with PickN'Tell have inserted a high-tech mirror into their stores 
  • The mirror or tablet allows customers to photograph or video themselves.  Customers can then either upload the file to Facebook, Twitter, or just their PickN'Tell account.
  • Followers view the video or photo which also has the clothing store location and barcode information
  • Users can then scan product barcodes for more information and save barcodes for their wish-lists.
Here is a video to better understand how the application works:

Here are some of the benefits:
  • Provides incentives for both customers and retailers
  • Earn coupons, prizes and discounts 
  • Get honest feedback instantly from friends and followers
  • Connect with bloggers, designers and stylists
  • Retailers have access to "get-to-know your customer" toolbox which measures trends as well as consumer behaviour analysis

Availability and Pricing:

Do you think this app will reach a critical mass in terms of usage?


  1. Loved this Ashley! Thank you for making it so easy to read. I hope this becomes super popular because I know I want to use it! I can see it being huge with the female population.

    1. Thanks, Hilary! Even if your favourite stores don't end up getting the mirror or tablet, you can still use the app much like you would Instagram.

  2. This was a very interseting read Ashley, I think it will improve the shopping experience for woman in a very positive way. Do you know what stores are using this or whoplans to implement it?

    1. Glad you enjoyed it, Trish! The list of retailers on board is quite long!! Here are a few:

      American Apparel
      Armani Exchange
      Banana Republic
      Calvin Klein
      Forever 21
      Kenneth Cole
      Marc Jacobs
      Michael Kors
      Steve Madden
      Urban Outfitters

      Once you create an account you can access the store list!

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