Sunday, 30 September 2012

My Longest Relationship: Music

Music and I have been an item for years, roughly 18 years to be exact. My earliest memories involving music is singing along to funk, R&B, and soul greats such as Parliament, CommorforesEarth, Wind and Fire and the late Marvin Gaye. The aforementioned artists were my parent’s favourites, not musicians I cherished. There is nothing wrong with enjoying sounds of the older generation, I just wanted to find something, anything, I could call my own.  At age 12 I discovered EDM and immediately fell in love.

Electronic Dance Music or EDM is an umbrella term where various genres, sub-genres and styles of music are produced using electronic instruments, such as the Roland TR-808 bass drum.Without Robert Moog and  the commercial success of the Moog synthesizer, EDM would not have the ease to create electronic sounds as it does today.

Robert Moog and synthesizers 

The aspect I love most about EDM is its evolution. Genres and sub-genres are fused together, tempos are slowed down or sped up and new creations are formed simply by tweaking a basic element. One evolution of EDM which I adore is dubstep.

Yes, I admit it. I love dubstep. From the mellow beginnings, to the more aggressive, mainstream direction we see today, to its unforeseeable future, this genre has taken a hold of my mind for the past five years thanks in part to Dubstep Warz and programming on BBC Radio 1

I listen to one particular internet radio site almost on a constant basis: This site features hundreds of podcasts from 2006 with several live shows currently on its line up. This site is constantly playing, the only time my speakers are quiet is when I am asleep. logo

Want to know more about the history of EDM such as where it originated and why the styles, genres and sub-genres we have today are around, I strongly suggest you check out Iskur's Guide to Electronic Music.

Are you interested in hearing EDM live and do not know the first place to look? Trance Addict has a forum where many events are taking place around the GTA in the future. 
Happy listening.

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