Sunday, 30 September 2012

Volunteering at The King East Design District

This weekend was my first time volunteering in a couple of years, and I realized how fulfilling volunteering was. I was exhausted and my feet killed after every night, but I got to meet and talk to some amazing people. It was intimidating due to the hour long street car ride I had to take to get to the King East Design District. And I was in million dollar show rooms with rich and respectable people, so you better not mess up. Starting with my trip, I am new to Toronto and even though the trip was straight forward, literally, I managed to still become flustered. I got off at  King street west and had to run to get back on the street car and continue on to King street east. Thursday night was the VIP event where I was the greeter and worked coat check. I got to talk to some amazing people, and see some big names in the design world.
 The guests included:
  •  publisher of house and homes magazine Lynda Reeves,
  •  chef David Rocco, 
  •  Neil Hetherington CEO of Habitat for Humanity Toronto

       The VIP event went smoothly, and on the weekend I was at Kiosk and Cambria, in which I was set up at a table by the front doors handing out passports to those who made donations to Habitat for Humanity. Kiosk had a beagle who kept me company (I love beagles), and the employees at Cambria were really nice. I also got the chance to meet Rob Campbell who is a blogger at smojoe who wrote an article about the event It was a good volunteer experience I was happy to partake in, I am looking forward to my next volunteer opportunity, what events are you volunteering for? 

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