Thursday, 22 November 2012

By: Priscilla Tachie
How to choose a blog topic blog

If your are anything like me you are indecisive,picky and uncertain when  it comes to picking topics to blog about. It isn't like we don't have the desire to blog, its just that we want to blog about something interesting and relate-able to our audience. We just have trouble figuring out what we want to blog about.
Before coming up with idea for this blog i tried many different methods of trying to choose a topics for example:   
  • i tried googleing popular blog topics and i came up with a list of 81 different blog topics on this website
  •   i asked twitter but that wasn't helpful at all
  • i asked some of my friends and the common answer i seemed to get was "blog about what you know"
  • "blog about what interests you,"they said. 
  • "blog about a hobby you enjoy" they said.
I still had no incite to what i wanted to blog about. I couldn't come up with a single thing that interested me or a single hobby i enjoyed doing or anything that i already "knew". 
And then it hit me...
Why not make a blog about how much of a struggle comming up with a blog topic can be.
There are many helpful websites and links that can be used to inspire blog ideas. 
such as:

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