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Tips Your Nail Salon Doesn’t Want You To Know

Tips Your Nail Salon Doesn’t Want You To Know
                                                                                                              By: Tiffany Van

Dressing nicely in a professional field is not the only thing you should consider. The appearance of your nails draws attentions whether it’s your nasty cuticles, uneven nails or chipped nail polish it should always be maintained. Pampering and maintain yourself becomes costly at the nail salon as prices often rack up from $10 to $100, which does not include tip. As a nail technician I have learned tricks, tips and have taught myself ways to do my own nails without paying the price.

Dominant Hand Vs. Least Dominant Hand:

Practicing with your least dominant hand is an obvious way that will get you better. I am right handed so I use my left hand first to start my manicure because it takes longer and it allows the polish to dry as I finish off the manicure with my right hand.


Your nail bed is a basic guideline of what shape and length of your nails but of course everyone has different preferences.  Keeping the length of your nail is always difficult because overtime they soften by daily activity. Trimming your nails includes filing and buffing which also creates a clean slate for the nail polish to last longer.

Nail Polish:

There are several of brands of nail polish but the most popular and commonly found in nail salons are OPI and China Glaze. The quality of the nail polishes are commonly compared to each other but the service of the nail technician should be considered because the way you paint the polish plays a huge role in the life span of your manicure.

Chipped Nails:
You may think there is no harm in picking off the nail polish that is already chipped but that is not the case. This lazy method of removing nail polish causes the nails to weaken as you’re also taking off the top layer of your nails. Always use nail polish remover!
Here is a link that answers common questions about a nail salon:
How do you feel about spending money to maintain your nails?


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