Thursday, 29 November 2012

How to kick that chocolate craving

Now every woman, and the occasional man, love chocolate. Whether it comes boxed, wrapped in tinfoil or even on a stick, there’s something about chocolate that is completely irresistible.

If you’re a complete chocoholic like myself, then fighting off the urge to polish off that bag of m&m’s can become a real struggle! To tell you the truth I can’t even tell you what it is about chocolate that makes it so delicious!

However, since my addiction has gotten a little out of hand, I have picked up a few tips and tricks to help settle those cravings.

Here are my 5 tips:

1.    The truth is, if you don’t buy it then you can’t eat it. Plain and simple!

2.    Wait it out

Give yourself 10 to 20 minutes before caving into a chocolate craving. If, after that time has elapsed, you are still having the craving then have a small piece of chocolate

(I find a couple chocolate chips or a piece of dark chocolate fixes the craving nicely).

Usually if you allow yourself this period before giving into a craving, you will find that after the waiting period your chocolate craving has diminished significantly or even disappeared.

3.   Stop Craving Chocolate by Eating Something Spicy

You can trick your taste buds by eating something that's completely the opposite of what you're craving. A super spicy snack will calm down the chocolate obsession and also help increase circulation and alter how you feel just long enough to conquer the chocolate craving.

4.    Eat Smaller Portions

A tiny portion of pure dark chocolate can keep your sweet tooth under control. Many people think they're craving sweet chocolate, when a piece of slightly bitter dark chocolate will be just as rewarding and also keep you from wanting more.

Here is a list of craving killer chocolate bars:

5.     What your body really wants

 Whenever you get the craving for chocolate, it means your missing something from your diet. Your body needs magnesium ("macromineral," which means that our `food must provide us with hundreds of milligrams of magnesium every day)
Try eating a tiny handful of almonds, nuts and seeds, and fruits to substitute your craving.

Ladies and gentlemen I hoped this helped, let me know what you think! Good luck with these substitutes!

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