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The UK takes us to another realm

The UK takes us to another realm

An artist that I was introduced to a couple months ago, Lianne La Havas, an English folk and soul singer, pretty much captured my heart though her music. When first introduced to her music I heard the charm in her voice and saw the newness of her smile. She took her time to talk with us (her listeners), to help us understand her. Little did we know, we took her music with us.

Signed to Warner Bros. Records, she is in the process of working on her debut album, which will be released sometime this year. Back in October 2011, she released her EP album, Lost & Found, along with her single, Forget, which is apart of her newly released album, Is Your Love Big Enough? I’m simply amazed with the work she’s completed already. I’ve been following her blog religiously and from what I’ve seen she has created an enormous fan base already. She can definitely count me in as one of her ‘fans’

Lianne La Havas rises to our attention with a brilliant tune called “No Room For Doubt”. It consists of a live set up drums and keys. Her voice definitely carries the songs. Lianne La Havas’ floral vocals flutter towards your eardrums, captures your imagination, and transports you gently into a whole different world. In this world, there will be no technology, no distractions – just Lianne La Havas, her beautiful voice and her humble acoustic guitar. There are two versions to this song- one including Willy Mason and one with herself alone. The version I chose to reveal to you is the one with Lianne herself. I chose this song, firstly because I enjoyed the flow of the lyrics as well as the instruments. Secondly, it simply related to me. Within her lyrics, you feel a sense of confusion, love, accusations, but also regret.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but Lianne seems to portray some sort of hurt. Maybe experienced a horrible relationship in the past. The individual she speaks of, may have hurt her continuously, and now that she, herself has fallen under that same spell of hurting her loved one, she cant help but feel guilty and responsible for her actions, but she also blames her loved one on that fact that she may have messed up, but you messed up as well. “We all make mistakes, we do. I learnt from you”.

With that being said she may confess to hurting them, but in a way tries to throw some sort of ownership of her actions onto them.  She seems to go through a range of emotions. She goes onto say that maybe by her becoming solo, “single” it may solve the greater issue between them. Her guilt has her running away from the relationship. The lyrics and instruments together send us into a stream of thoughts. In my opinion, she may have done something ruthless, but the composition of instruments almost tells you that it’s okay; you’ll get through this. It is an almost calming and forgiving composition. Overall, I enjoyed Lianne’s song. It most definitely captured my imagination, and transported me gently into a whole different world.

Be sure to check out her new video, Forget, you will not be disappointed. Lianne helps us carry this sort of charm, comfort and smile hidden behind the sadness. This loveliness.

Connect with Lianne

Twitter: @Liannelahavas
Facebook: LianneLaHavas
Youtube: LianneLahavas

Source(s) of Photos: AnotherMag JBX UK  Your Music Radar

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