Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Budapest, a must see!

Growing up I always knew I wanted to do one thing, travel. Last year when the opportunity arose to back-pack Europe with a friend I was immediately booking my ticket for on the next plane overseas. I can't even begin to explain the amount of excitement I had about doing touristy things; seeing the Eiffel Tower, Vatican City, the Louvre, Venice, Big Ben. But I would've never expected my favourite place to be a city I barely knew anything about, Budapest.

Budapest is a the capital of Hungary, which is separated by the River Danude into two sections Buda and Pest. It has diverse history and absolutely breathe-taking views. I was extremely skeptical when it was suggested we add Budapest to our list of places to go, but eventually I agreed. I will admit that upon arrival I felt like I was going to have a heart attack due to the fact that the train station isn't in the nicest part of town. But as soon as we hopped on the tram and found our way to the most amazing hostel with the friendliest staff, CarpeNoctem, I could already feel myself falling in love.
The hostel staff were young-travel enthusiast who came from all over the world, from Canada to Australia. They were all knowledgeable about everything from history to direction in Budapest, and offered many recommendations of things to do that only Budapest has to offer:
  1. Ruin bars: A bar in old apartments buildings with different rooms and gardens
  2. Sightseeing boat cruise on the River Danude
  3. The Chain bridge which separates Buda and Pest (Katy Perry's video for Fireworks was actually filmed here)
  4. Shoe's on the Danude: memorial to the Budapest Jews who were shot by Arrow Cross militiamen between 1944 and 1945
Budapest is a city filed with diverse and dark history which you can learn about in the actual buildings and on the actual streets in which these events took place, and the River Danude at night offers amazing views. In my opinion, it's the undiscovered Paris.

It is a definite must on my travel recommendations! Whats on yours?
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