Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Haunting Halloween Ideas

Halloween is coming up! Dressing up this year? 

If you are thinking that you are too old for this, the answer is no! Halloween is fun for everyone, not just kids. The key is to ditch the classic Halloween costumes, and be creative. The classics; such as a princess, or a ghost, are still fun, but let's try something new. 

As I was looking around for new and fun ideas, I immediately went to Pinterest and was not disappointed. The best part of Pinterest is that they have DIY (do it yourself) instructions. So, as you are scrolling through all the pictures of cool costumes and thinking to yourself “I cannot make that!”, I am here to tell you “you will not succeed, unless you try.”

My last year's costume was awesome (I was Captain America)! But this year I vow to be more creative. 


Here are some of my favourite finds:


2. The DIY slinky dog costume 


3.The MONSTER energy drink 

Although these might take some time to make, they are definitely do-able! 

But, if my boyfriend agrees to dress up, then I am going to need your help deciding on what we are going to be!

Here are a few options that I found! 
1. The Cast-Away couple 
(Yes, I will be Wilson) 

2. The bar of soap and loofa couple 

3. Mr. And Mrs. Pacman 


What do you think? Have you decided what you are going to be? 

Good luck creating this year's costumes! Come back and post pictures! 
Upload to instagram and hashtag #clarescostumes, so I can see them all! 

If you are looking for all events Halloween, here is a list of fun things to do in Toronto: http://www.toronto.com/guides/halloween 

P.S. No one is ever too old to dress up for Halloween but we might be a little too old to go trick-or-treating! 

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