Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Is this the season they make it?

Is this the season they make it?

A lot of people wrote off the
Toronto Raptors for the past couple of years now but all of a sudden they have gained some sort of interest from the Toronto faithful. In a season where the Miami Heat are ready to go three-peat and Derrick Rose is back from ACL surgery, most of the NBA is calling the season an end due to the 2014 NBA Draft lottery in June.

This year’s draft picks are supposed to be the best one’s since the
2003 draft, with the likes of Andrew Wiggins, Jabari Parker and much more. While this may be a concern for fans who are part of the teams that are shutting down the hatch the Raptors are doing the complete opposite and going for the gold. With all the teams tanking and other teams loading up with veteran guys the Raptors find themselves able to cash in and go to the playoffs for the first time since 2007. When the Raptors acquired their star Rudy Gay and with the 5th year development of Demar DeRozan plus second season of their star center Jonas Valanciunas they look ready and able to make a massive splash in the Eastern Conference.  The Toronto Star thinks they have the opportunity with their article on the coming NBA season I guess the question boils down to if they can make the playoffs and when they do decide to make the playoffs will they make it next year and how far will they go?

is one of those cities where if you’re winning and can get championships the fans will come to but once that pattern decides to go south well then the fans aren’t so supportive. The fine line is can you play in a market where winning is virtually your bread and butter or are you one of those cities where you win, make it to the championship, lose in the finals and end up rebuilding once again or can you be the team which is developing young talent and using your old talent to push you forward to the playoffs every single year like the Los Angeles Lakers and Boston Celtics have set up. Only time will tell but until then I want your opinions on the matter, should they tank or make it to the playoffs?

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