Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Battling cancer with social media

While reading the news last week, I came across a very moving article. It was about a doctor who is doing a “Terry Fox”: running across Canada to raise funds for Cancer; more explicitly, prostate cancer. Dr. Riley Senft’s movement, named Step Into Action, is a bold one that is getting people’s attention across the country.

I heard about Senft’s campaign from reading the news, but have since found out that he has a huge presence on social media websites. You can follow Step Into Action on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, foursquare, and through the campaign’s blog.

Senft is doing everything right, so it seems, from a public relations standpoint. Social media is the way to gain the public’s attention, especially the younger public. Creating awareness about an important issue like prostate cancer is difficult, but Senft is obviously doing a great job.

We have been learning extensively how drawing your organization into a community will create an image of trust and openness to your public. Senft has done just that: opened himself up to a community and has become part of that community.

By posting videos, blog entries, photos, and status updates, Senft is reaching out to his community on a personal level. All of his social networking sites are updated regularly and keep supporters informed.

Step Into Action is a great movement, and is doing what it should be doing: utilizing social media tools to gain support and trust. So far $300, 000 has been raised, with a goal of $1 million. Anyone is welcome to donate, and I hope that everyone reading this blog will follow Senft for his last stretch across our country to battle prostate cancer!


  1. This is great! I haven't been following Calgary news as often as I used to since moving to Toronto. Looking forward to seeing if he reaches his end goal!

  2. I've had family members taken by Cancer; my aunt is battling with Lung Cancer right now. Hearing that there are people out there doing things like Dr. Senft is doing is truly incredible and inspiring.