Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Rockwood; The Place to Be On a Saturday Night!

Rockwood; the Club to Be At On a Saturday Night!


Rockwood located at 31 Mercer Street is a beautiful downtown venue. If you’re looking for good drinks, good people and a good time then look no further. If you’re worried about the dress code, then don’t fret this isn’t a club like this is London or Time. As long as you show up in some fresh jeans, nice kicks and an ironed shirt you’re good to go.
 The Layout:
Whether you want to be inside or outside, it’s up to you. Rockwood is a three story high building with the entrance on the ground level, the club, bar, and lounge on the 2nd floor, and if you’re feeling the need for some fresh air no need to leave the club because the 3rd floor has a beautiful open concept patio where you can also grab a drink if you’re feeling parched.

The Experience:

   I have been to a few clubs, and personally Rockwood is my favourite. From the way everyone dresses, to the excellent bar and bathroom services, to the positive energy you get hit with as you enter the club, they have a wide selection of music ranging from top 40, to reggae and R & B, to house music and dub step. I have an immense love for music so to have such a wide selection of music, is just an added bonus to this beautiful club. If you have nothing to do on a Saturday take my word for it round up a couple friends and head on down to Rockwood.

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