Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Forget about street cred, its all about the web cred

I was driving back to school after having Sunday dinner at my dad's house when he asked the question all parents ask: “So what are you learning at school?” I was feeling somewhat chatty, so decided to talk about my Social and Digital Media class. When the topic of blogging came up he was very enthusiastic and told me to Google Tavi Gevenson

Later that night I followed his advice. I was shocked and very impressed with the results I got. Turns out Tavi is a very trusted and respected fashion blogger. What's so surprising about that? Well, she is only fifteen years old and has been blogging since the age of eleven.

She recently launched an online magazine called “Rookie”. Besides her online presence she has also appeared in Teen Vogue, French Vogue and Pop Magazine. She has definitely proved herself in the blogging community. Lady Gaga commented saying that “She is the future of journalism”.

We talk lots about communities in class and Tavi says she started blogging to become part of a community. “I'd been reading a number for a while, wanted to be part of the community where I could discuss a topic my friends weren't interested in, and to have a creative outlet to force myself out of dressing boringly.” She also helps support other blogs by having a page dedicated to her favourite ones.

Tavi's success in the blogging world enforces the power of social and digital media. I never really understood how these communities worked or how important they are to the members. It gets you to thinking what impact you might make once you enter the blogging world.

Written by Emiy Brewster

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