Tuesday, 27 September 2011

I'm Canadian, eh?

Ryan Reynolds, Drake, Ryan Gosling, and Justin Bieber. What do these names have in common except for the fact that I’d marry them in a heartbeat? They’re all Canadians. To know that these heartthrobs of Hollywood come from our homeland give Canadian’s some cool street cred in the media today.

So why is it that in recent poll done by social networking site Badoo.com ranked Canada 4th Least Cool Nationality? I thought hosting the Olympics was worth some popularity points.

I stumbled upon an article by Rosemary Counter titled “Who are you calling uncool?”. Counter talks about how our neighbor Americans shadow Canada and our struggles to shape and identify what makes us Canadians.

30,000 people across 15 countries voted America as the Coolest Nationality. Down at the bottom, Canada was 4th Least Cool with Belgium (I guess waffles aren’t as cool anymore) and Turkey. We have our trademark symbols of:

  • Hockey (Despite the negative outlook we have after the Vancouver Riot due to the loss of the Stanley Cup. Go Canucks Go!),
  • Tim Hortons (Sorry Starbucks, I like my coffee’s for less then $7),
  • The Maple Leaf.

Drake from teen drama Degrassi: The Next Generation to the YouTube sensation Justin Bieber, new generation of pop culture is making Canada COOL.

From a PR perspective of these celebrities, do think it’s important of promoting their Canadian patriotism amongst the American competitors? Should they value the Canadian fan base? Absolutely.

While watching award shows such as the MMVA’s and the AMA’s, doesn’t it make us proud when our hometown boys give a shout out and appreciates coming from a “little town in Canada”?

When it comes down to it I will have more love and support for the Canadian hunks compared to the California Surfer boys like Zac Efron.

No offence to the thirty thousand people who voted on this poll, but you can say America is the coolest nationalities all you want because I couldn’t hear you over my health-care benefits.

Who’s your favourite Canadian?

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  1. I definitely agree with you! I've noticed that Canadian celebrities go out of their way to give "shout outs" to Canada or the town they are from. Kardinal Offishall is my favourite Canadian celebrity for this reason. In a lot of his songs, he references to Toronto and even made a song about this city in "The Anthem".