Friday, 23 September 2011

Social Anxiety

Last Friday I was able to embark on a great experience as a student in the 21st century. This experience brought in waves of emotions I could not control and was not familiar with. It began when I misplaced my cellphone…

If this has happened to you, you have realized living in a modern society is next to impossible without a mobile device. Why does it seem impossible? Well, when you think about it, mobile devices now contain every social importance in today’s society. Year after year distributors would adapt social necessities into cellphones such as the camera, radio and television. As social media is at its peak (and who knows for how long) these distributors began to provide the internet at an affordable rate, allowing users to browse their Twitter, Facebook, etc.

A device that is able to do all of these things and still fit in your pocket doesn’t seem so incredible when you own one. When you unexpectedly loose the device and all of its power, a lifestyle change follows. I’m not one to over exaggerate but the first few days following the loss of my cellphone felt like I lost my right arm. Simple things like setting an alarm or even telling the time are now out of my reach. Trying to directly contact someone was a constant inconvenience. I would slap my right pocket to feel nothing and realize my connection to the outside world was gone.

I am now on day seven without a mobile device and have learned to embrace the despair from social media. I don’t have to worry about people contacting me (considerably my parents) and feel free to do what I want, when I want. So, fortunately and unfortunately, I will probably get a new device this weekend and return to having 1000 friends in my pocket.

Now, when you pick up your cellphone realize its power but still be thankful for the world around you (appose to the World Wide Web).

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  1. I like how this ties in with the dependency theory we've been covering in communication class.
    Did you ever end up getting a new device?