Friday, 23 September 2011

Three Notable TIFF 2011 PR Campaigns

Every September Toronto rolls out its red carpet for the glitz and glam of the Toronto International Film Festival. While Hollywood’s elite are polished up and shipped in like cattle, PR companies are frittering away on very little sleep carefully and creatively crafting the weeks worth of social events and skillfully placing their clients in the spotlight. So, rather then celebrating the celebrity – here is an ode to behind the scenes!

1:TIFF Cadillac SUV’s

Internal Communications – GM Canada

When it comes to a film festival, popularity is everything. We can all agree that the most recognizable symbol for its sixth year in a row is the TIFF Cadillac SUV. Big, black and sleek with tinted windows these trucks are the gates to our celebrity-seeking imagination. You never know who is in them – but you always wonder.

2: The IT Lounge


The IT Lounge is also known as the swag lounge. With every film festival must come gift bags and apparently now; free-for-all gift shops! Sporting brands like L’Oreal, Esprit, Goody and Fila; NKPR and the IT Lounge know how to spoil the elite. With all evil must come some good, right? A great component of the IT Lounge was their charitable partnership with Big Brother and Big Sister Foundation. Okay, we can forgive them.

3: Skyy Vodka Opening Party


Another hit from the crew at NKPR Inc is the opening night gala. They really know how open with a bang. Their Skyy Vodka Official TIFF opening party took the media by storm. Complete with an acrobat dancing from a 35 ft. blue-lit martini glass hoisted high above the masses to the celebrity inspired cocktails this was a party to remember. Who wouldn’t want to raise a glass Wilde Ginger Martini to the team at Skyy and NKPR?

Although these three campaigns are just scraping the surface of the festival, it is important to give credit where credit is due. The tireless hours and creativity coming from the public relations industry during this exciting week gives a new meaning to “doing TIFF”. What outstanding campaigns did you see “doing TIFF”?

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