Thursday, 3 November 2011

Don’t choose to be a sitting log, get up and try the downward dog!

At times, finding the motivation to exercise is like trying to find a seat on a crouded TTC bus. If you are anything like me (uncoordinated and athletically challenged) the idea of working out and getting into shape is usually met with a sigh. Gym machines can be overwhelming, and the super toned patrons are a little intimidating. Thankfully for my ego (and my waistline) I stumbled across the world of Moksha yoga.

Moksha yoga is a group of independently owned yoga studios that focus on ethical, compassionate, and environmentally friendly living. The hot yoga branch opened up a new Moksha yoga Brampton location and I decided to check it out. Since then, I've become an active member and an advocate. Here are three reasons why yoga made me commit to getting fit:

1. The group environment is motivating and welcoming
2. Meditating releases pent up emotions and promotes relaxation
3. It doesn't feel like you're actually working out

Peer pressure- in a good way
Moksha yoga offers group classes, so wherther you decide to go solo or with friends, you are surrounded with people who share the same goal. Regardless of your level of experience, exercising in a group is motivating and encourages you to push your limits further.

The power of breathing
Taking in deep even breaths can do wonders. Meditating before and after a yoga session is essential because it not only calms your body, but more importantly, it relaxes your mind. According to, "breathing increase pleasure-inducing neurochemicals in the brain to elevate moods and combat physical pain."

Forget about lifting heavy weights
The stationary positions that are taught in the classes will really get your heart pumping! Although you aren't running or lifting heavy free weights, the poses are designed to strengthen you core and use your own body like a gym machine. Oh, and practicing yoga in a makeshift sauna helps you sweat off water weight too.

Yoga is a great option for you if you want to avoid the gym scene. There are so many benefits and can easily be integrated into your daily routine.

Have you tried group fitness classes? What did you like or didn't like?
Have any tips to get more physically active?

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