Monday, 7 November 2011

Who Played a Role in a Conrad Murray’s Verdict?

When the guilty verdict was thrown across the television screen in the case against Conrad Murray, I felt compelled to comment as I truly believe that social media has played a key role in swaying the public opinion that Murray was the sole individual responsible for Michael Jackson‘s sudden death. I believe that Murray grossly neglected the pop star‘s health and well being but I don't believe that he's solely to blame. I am convinced that social and mass media were used to persuade the public that in convicting him, justice would be served.
Why is Murray the only one on trial?

The accusations against Murray consist of administering the drug Propofol to assist Jackson with his sleep disorder, resulting in cardiac arrest and death on that fateful day in June of 2009. What I don‘t understand is why no one seemed to know that this was going on, including his family which have presented themselves as teary eyed grieving loved ones seeking justice for their beloved singer. Where were they when this all started? Since his death, recordings of his muffled and disoriented rants have surfaced on the web under the influence of doctor administered drugs (a month before he died), a picture of his tiny body (reports are saying he weighed 110lbs at 5’9, at least 20lbs underweight) on an autopsy table published in magazines, websites, blogs and news channels around the world creating buzz and helping the public form opinions all directed toward Murray. I don’t believe the online and news communities researched the validity of the published information.
There must have been more than one to blame!
LaToya, Jackson’s sister, has given play by plays of the court proceedings over her Twitter account to her 123,590 followers. She shared her thoughts and opinions to bias individuals, individuals that would not question her opinions. Conrad may have injected Jackson with Propofol, but there were plenty of other people who testified that Jackson had asked them about IV administered drugs to assist him, who witnessed him being treated unorthodoxly,who witnessed him being recorded a month before his death under the influence of the same drug that killed him and who leaked naked death photos for all of us to see. What role did they play and why aren’t they being held accountable for not stopping the medical malpractice that took place?

No wonder why Michael couldn’t sleep...

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