Saturday, 19 November 2011

How to get people to "like" you

Tips on getting more traffic to your Facebook page.

Facebook is the number one social media tool with over 800 million users.  I often see Facebook pages that are rarely used, seeming inactive and boring. Having a good page is essential to make connections and get your brand out there; the brand of “you”.

From the minute a Facebook page is made dozens of people immediately have access. The better your page the more traffic and people you are going to attract. Facebook lets you connect to friends, family, colleagues and even people you don’t know in person. So leave a good impression. Whether you are using Facebook for personal use or making work connections having a successful Facebook page can make a difference in how people see you.

Four tips for a great Facebook page:
1)   Share only quality material. If you want more people to come to your page you need to give them something to come for. People look for new information and want to engage and interact with the page and its author.
2)   Piggy-back your social media. If you have an awesome Twitter account than have it post on your Facebook page. There is no harm in mixing your medias and will increase your chance of being noticed.
3)   Participate outside your page. If you want to get noticed start participating elsewhere. The more you start to contribute the more people will answer back.
4)   Start tagging. You can “tag” people or other pages to your status. This will increase traffic to your own site and increases your own personal participation.

Utilizing these tips can help increase traffic to your Facebook page and increase active participants. Be interactive and don’t be afraid to show your personality. If you are going to have a page that represents you, than make sure that it’s great.
How have you improved the quality of your Facebook page?

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