Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Pepsi or Coke?


 Brands today have such an impact on consumer purchases.

·         They influence people  through key messages and advertisement

·          Have brand association with celebrities

·          sponsors

Companies have formed our opinions and preferences. It seems that certain preferences can be based on personal choice, or have we been influenced so much, that we do not really know what we like, as we have been told what we like.  Companies have used theories including bullet theory to impact our self-conscious and make us lean towards their product or brand.

In my experience, one example that comes to mind as bartender in the hospitality industry is how different clientele have brand preference for either Pepsi or Coke.  Look at these two products, they are very similar. The both have similar ingredients, packaging, taste and advertisement; however have such adversity when it comes to people’s preferences. At my work Milestones we offer Pepsi products. When our guest orders a Coke we must ask them if Pepsi is ok. The reactions are never the same and they vary. A couple examples of reactions would be, a big sigh and say “ok ill have a Pepsi but with a slice of lemon,” “yes Pepsi is fine” or they stop dead in their tracks, get angry and say “no I will have water.” It’s funny to think someone that was craving a similar tasting dink will then divert to a plain glass of water. Whether or not people may argue that they can taste the difference, I still believe that the way the companies advertise and the key messages they use have a huge impact on our preferences and influence on what we consume.

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