Thursday, 17 November 2011

Is social media changing the way we watch TV?

Today, social media has become a key aspect in television shows. Social media has become an essential part of TV viewing and has changed the way that many people watch their favourite TV shows. Now you can have to opportunity to interact with your favourite characters, actors and other fans.

Shows now have Facebook Fan Pages and Twitter accounts, and provide fans with the opportunity to "live tweet" or “live blog” with the use of hashtags throughout the show to interact with their fans.


Hashtags are now seen at the bottom of television screens, with shows encouraging their viewers to interact online and voice their opinion. Tweets and comments from fans are often displayed on screens as well, and can be used in television shows. You can also track hashtags, which allows other viewers to hear what other people are saying about their favourite show.

Talking to your favourite characters and actors

Ever want to talk to your favourite character? Well, it’s now becoming more and more common for fans to talk to their favourite characters. Television shows like Degrassi, Glee and Community have created character Twitter accounts.

Fans now have the opportunity interact with their favourite characters and even have conversations with them! This also provides fans with a behind the scenes look at characters lives “outside” of the show another way to see interaction with characters.

Do you like to interact with others through social media when watching your favourite television shows?

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