Saturday, 5 November 2011


What is Movember?

It’s that time of year again. No, not when you start telling yourself “I’ll do my Christmas shopping early this year”, cause let’s be real here… you’re not going to. It’s that time of year when men of the world get their mustache on in support of men’s health and to raise money to help fight prostate cancer. I first found out about this two years ago and being of that special caste of men who can grow lip-fuzz, I’ve made it part of my annual year-end itinerary. The cause has grown tremendously in the last two years thanks to Facebook and Twitter; two vehicles which have carried participants’ epic staches through the ether that is The Internet.

Know Your Mustaches

No Now don’t let the Scottish ginger beard fool you, I’m half Mexican and my mustache does a mean Danny Trejo impression! If you’re going to leave your house in during the mustache month, please consider that the men you see on the street are not creepy exhibitionists and most likely not porn stars, but just guys wearing a little extra face-fur for a good cause. Now that you know to expect a plethora of mustaches on the streets of Toronto, you may begin to notice the following:

- Chevron

- Pencil

- Handlebar

- Horseshoe

- Fu Manchu

Again, please do not call the police unless the wearer of the mustache is wearing a trench coat or driving a windowless van.

How To Participate

Thi This is the easy part because it really doesn’t matter whether you can grow a mustache or not, all that matters is that you have the desire to be a part of the cause. Below is an easy step-by-step process to being a full-fledged Movember participant. For a good example of a Movember account, please make your way to my page. You'll notice the pictures in this blog have come courtesy of my teammates, the Mustache Merchants.

1. Log on to and register…

2. Upload a picture of you rocking your mustache to your “MoSpace”. Can’t grow a mustache? Neither can she!

3. Spread your MoSpace page link through Facebook and Twitter to raise money!

4. Attend a MoParty or host one of your own!

Now that you're well on your way to growing your epic mustache and raising money for this great cause. Post a picture of your own mustache and we'll see who has the fanciest face scarf!

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  1. Your post was entertaining and informative. I enjoyed reading it!
    Did you know, that if you shave, trim, or 'snip' your mustache at all during movember you are supposed to donate $100 to the movember organization?

    I love the idea of this charity, who ever created it was genius. Thanks for sharing!