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Fighting over fighting

Fighting over fighting
Brandon Hickey
October 11, 2013
Reposted November 6, 2013
It seems the debate whether fighting should be banned from hockey will never end. No matter which other blog you read in the world of hockey, it has been discussed with fire and fury. So many people are sending out messages of blame and hate that it sometimes becomes quite funny.
What I am referring to is the banning of fighting in hockey. As you will notice I said hockey, all hockey. Not just the NHL or junior leagues. To a hockey player and super fan (like myself), we recognize that fighting is a part of the game and should remain that way.
The argument in favor of banning fighting started up again about two weeks ago, with the fight between Colton Orr of the Toronto Maple Leafs and George Parros of the Montreal Canadiens. The fight can be seen here.

For those of you who have not watched the fight I’ll give you a brief summary. Parros swung at Colton Orr as Colton was falling to the ice. He missed and took a header to the ice, which in turn knocked him out for a few seconds and he was taken off on a stretcher for precautionary measures.
Many articles and posts over the next few days came out like wild fire and honestly I am getting really annoyed and tired of them all. The reason why I’m tired of hearing and discussing this is because the banishment of fighting is NEVER going to happen!  We need enforcers to protect the star players. Injuries would increase for the most talented players if they were “open season” for contact all game, every game. It also decreases cheap hits and dangerous stick play. Not to mention a lot of people who attend NHL games come for a chance to see a fight.

What do you think? Should hockey ban fighting?
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