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How to Reverse Heat-Damaged Hair

How to Reverse Heat-Damaged Hair

Two months ago I started embracing my naturally curly hair. I had been straightening and blow drying my hair straight for over a year and the damage was overwhelming; split ends, hair loss, dry and brittle tresses and needless to say my hair wasn’t growing. But after visiting my salon, The Curl Ambassadors, I learnt how to embrace my natural hair and start to repair my hair from all the havoc I had wreaked.
5 key steps to help your hair be its healthiest:
Hide/throw away/sell your straighter, blow dryer and curling iron/wand!! This is the most important step! Heat is damaging even with a heat protectant product, the high temperatures crack hair’s cuticle and withdraws moisture –leaving hair dry and brittle. Try to use heatless styling methods of styling your hair instead.
Shampoo less. Now I know for those with straight hair, hair can become greasy much faster than other hair textures so I would suggest shampooing hair every other day using an organic product that contains no harsh detergents or chemicals such as, Organix shampoo, found at Wal-Mart. For those with a curlier texture, your hair can typically go longer without shampoo or without it at all, many curlies use a light conditioner to wash hair instead of shampoo such as, No-poo by Diva Curl, which cleanses your hair gently with moisture instead of detergents

  Deep condition. Use a deep conditioning hair mask two to three times a week. Depending on the extent of damage, choose a deep conditioner that is made for your hair texture. You don’t need to spend a lot of money either; there are many great at-home hair mask recipes that you can make from ingredients that you have lying around in your kitchen

 Cut down on products. Like certain shampoos, most hair products contain chemicals that can dry out your hair and can add to the problem instead of helping.  Look for alcohol – free, gentle, organic products that aide in styling, and don’t contain harmful chemicals. For my curly hair, I use Uncle Funky’s Daughter Curly Magic Curl Stimulator and for other hair textures I recommend any of the Organix line of products
Be gentle. When drying your hair with a towel, don’t rub hair dry, as this can cause the hair cuticles (the outer layer of hair) to split, instead, blot your hair with a micro-fiber towel that is soft on hair or use an old tee shirt
If you have a lot of spilt ends and damage you may need to do the big chop, I had to cut off a lot of my length just in order to get my curls to bounce back like they use to before all of the damage. However, the good news is, if you follow all of the five steps above you will see a huge improvement in the strength, shine, growth and overall health of your hair.

Remember hair typically growths half an inch per month so patience is everything!

Do you guys have any good tips when it comes to growing your hair? Any awesome products you use? Let me know in the comments below! 

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  1. These are helpful tips! As a curly-head, I know that we can suffer some of the worst heat damage, so I can vouch for the benefits of all the above (except maybe the first, since I let go of quite a bit of money buying heat tools and don't want to see my hard-earned cash go to waste). I find taking biotin supplements is a natural way to not only strengthen and lengthen hair (results vary) but also to reinforce brittle nails. I also use natural oils (usually pure Moroccan argan, macadamia or coconut, which has been shown to deeply penetrate and nourish the hair shaft) on my scalp to keep it healthy and moisturized to boost growth.

  2. These 5 keys of treatments are most common treatments for damaged hair are protein treatments and deep conditioning treatments. That should be great help for growing your hair.

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