Sunday, 10 November 2013

My Israel Adventures

Two years ago I went on a trip to the Middle East, specifically Israel.  I was there in the winter for 20 days then came back in the summer for three months. It drastically changed and transformed my life. I travelled all over the country and was able to hear a variety of perspectives from the native Israelis. My adventures eventually ended and I brought back a lot of the Israeli culture that I learned to love.  I want to share my travel stories, learning experiences, and culture that I incorporate into my life.
(Me at the Western/Wailing Wall in Jerusalem, Israel) 
Here are the top 10 fun facts, foods, places, life lessons, and travel tips I’ve learned along the way:
1)      Eat hummus with everything… I mean everything.  Celery, bread, french fries, shawarma. It is a delicious and healthy snack!
(Hummus in this picture are located in the two plates at the top and bottom containing 
2)      When you’re in one of the hottest places on the Earth… Even during the winter time, water is essential! Never go to a foreign country and not properly hydrate yourself!
(Drink water! The more the better!)
  3) When you travel you bond with people you never thought you would. They become family to you and it’s hard to say goodbye. During my trip we had six IDF soldiers. They taught me a lot of different perspectives about living in the Middle East and the hardship and war they live with on a daily basis.
(I’m seen with two of the six Israeli soldiers- Avital & Tamir)
4)   Israel in the winter does not mean wearing t-shirts and capri pants only. You need a jacket. We were warned about this early on but most of us disregarded this most of the time on the trip.
(Several trip members & I wearing jackets in front of the Dead Sea)
5) The Western Wall/ Wailing Wall is a spiritual experience recognized by many faiths. It is something everyone should experience.
(Balcony view of the Western/Wailing Wall)
6) Cream Bo- A chocolate treat filled with cream is one of the many treats that is loved by Israelis.
(My first time trying Cream Bo)
7)  They have all types of Western fast and junk foods in Israel. For example, Cheetos and McDonalds.

(Picture 1: empty bag of Israeli Cheetos) 
(Picture 2: a fast food order from McDonalds) 
8) All signs are in Hebrew, Arabic, & English which it makes it easier to get around as a tourist.
(This sign of Tiberias is written in Hebrew, Arabic, then English)
9)  Sometimes the Canadian winter can get you really depressed and down. Even during the winter in Israel there are several amazing beaches, hiking areas, and seas. It gives you a connection to the world and beauty. Take advantage of the beauty away from the Canadian winter!

(Picture 1: Me at the top of a mountain during a sunrise hike in Eilat, Israel) 
(Picture 2: The Ashdod beach at night in Israel)
10) Bring home souvenirs. They will help you remember your adventures that changed your life.

(Picture 1:Purchased copy of Kabalistic painting depicting a meaning of spirituality)

(Picture 2: Purchased scarf that I wore during my trip and keep with me at home)

I hope my Israel adventures have enlightened you. Do you have any travel stories? If so, what are some things that you learned from them?

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