Monday, 11 November 2013

The Importance of Clean Eating

The Importance of Exercise and Clean Eating

            Do you want to feel all around better? Do you want to start living a healthier lifestyle? These are all questions I asked myself when I decided I wanted to work towards a healthier lifestyle.

Being a competitive dancer, I have always enjoyed some serious and intense physical activity. Yoga, Pilates and cardio are almost a religion for us dancers. What I was missing was the clean and healthy eating. So I did some research to find out how I can start eating clean and living an overall better lifestyle.

Whether you are a health nut or an avid mall walker, exercise and clean eating are a vital importance in many ways. Exercise does not mean that you must become a gym rat and live in your gym attire, but daily exercise of all levels is physically beneficial. We all know that exercise is great for our physical beings. Running and spinning are great for the cardiovascular system and overall physical health and can aid in weight loss and muscle tone examples of cardio and benefits. But did you know that exercise is also great for relieving stress. This does not mean that if you’re stressed you have to hit the gym and run for hours, but any form of physical exertion whether it be a yoga class, going for a walk or bike ride, or hitting up a dance class is beneficial. Exercise releases an endorphin that moderates the brain’s response to stress and boost happiness and can alleviate symptoms of clinical depression. 
When it comes to clean eating, the benefits are almost all physically beneficial. Clean eating does not mean that you can never have a piece or cake or a sip of alcohol again. Most clean eaters follow the 80/20 rule. 80 per cent discipline and 20 per cent indulgence. Clean eating involves eating foods that contain few to only one ingredient. Do’sand Don’t of Clean eatingThis means eating mostly whole foods, like fruits and veggies, lean meats, nuts and pure juices. Grains and dairy are allowed, but are recommended to be eaten at a minimum. There are tons of websites online that give you clean eating recipes to spice up your at home menus. The benefits ofclean eating are endless. You experience more energy, weight loss, healthier skin and more sleep.

So my question to you is do you have any tips on exercise and clean eating? 

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