Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Five Great Israeli Cities

In my lastpost I discussed some tips and unique life experiences I had on my trip to Israel. Israel has several cities that offer unique value to the country. Here are the cities in Israel that I visited that offer a variety of experiences:

1)      The city home to spirituality and history:  Jerusalem, the capital of Israel is a city full of history and spirituality.  It is traditional when visiting The Western/Wailing Wall to place a small note with prayers. The next great thing about this city is the maintained history since the time of City of David. You can feel the history through the paved walls and floors built several centuries ago.
Me touching the prayers at The Western Wall
1)      Trees and flowers all around: One of the cities that is full of blossoming flowers and trees is Haifa located at the Northern part of Israel. You can pass by walkways and to your right see beautiful flowers. Also located in Haifa is the beautiful Baha’i Gardens, which is full of beauty and is dedicated to the founder of the Baha’i religion. It is “among the most popular sites in the Middle East,” according to the ganbahai website.
Top view of the Baha’i Gardens
1)      The place where you dance and shop until you drop: If you’re looking to visit local bars, parties on Friday nights (the country’s weekend starts Friday night until Saturday night), and do some great shopping, Tel Aviv is the place to be! It has adapted a very modern and secular lifestyle in comparison to the rest of the country. It is well known for its beach but not many people know that it hosts its own gay pride parade every year.
Idan, Zohar, and I at a party in Tel Aviv
1)      The port city perfect to raise your family in: After visiting my family and family friends in Ashdod, I understood why it was a city to raise and have a family in. Not only do you have a beach and sea port right next to several homes, you have pathways that have outdoor public exercise machines, and local malls and schools nearby. A great residential city that is conveniently right next to a beach. According to statistics living costs including most types of transportation, clothing, restaurant meals, and apartments within the city centre of Ashdod are cheaper in comparison to Haifa.
Apartment complex in Ashdod right in front of the beach
1)      The best vacation spot for locals and tourists: You can hike and snorkel, like I did on my trip. It was an unforgettable experience. Many locals visit this city for so many of the attractions and fun activities that are more vacation and tourist oriented.
My tour group and I snorkelling in The Red Sea
Which city would you like to most visit in Israel?

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