Friday, 1 November 2013

The Legend of Zelda: Windwaker HD - "It's a remake, why do I need it?"

Main character Link sailing in the King of Red Lions, a trademark mechanic of the original game
Many of you are familiar with the concept of video games. Many of you play them. I honestly have no idea how many of you play Legend of Zelda games, but if you want to play a beautiful classic made even more fantastic, then you should find a way to pick up a copy of The Legend of Zelda: Windwaker HD for the Nintendo Wii U.
Beating Darknuts! IN HD!
Now personally, said game in question is my all time favourite entry in the nearly 30 year old series. It was one of the first games in the series I played, and it holds dear memories to me. It still holds up as one of the most visually stunning games of all time, and I believe still holds up as one of the greatest games ever made.
When the remake of this was announced, you can guess I was beyond overjoyed. Not only was this classic coming to a fantastic system with upgraded controls, fixed game mechanics, and all around general improvements, it was going to be in HD. The game itself on the original Gamecube was spectacular, now it was just going to be amazing. To use a bit of “internet lingo” here, I was excite.
Beautiful graphics showcasing the power of the Wii U
I have memories of watching the introduction cutscene over and over and over again as I went on a trip once and forgot my memory card. I learned to detest that cutscene (however the music would remain timeless in my heart), and I would hate starting a new game just because I would have to see it. When watching a 24 hour stream by a known speedrunner named Cosmo, I swear to Din, I actually cried. The nostalgia was just too much.
So, after hearing my sad nerd story, why should you get this game? Because it’s timeless and it looks even more beautiful. If you’ve never played it, then you have no excuse. If you have, well, then let me tell you that they fixed the sailing system so it only takes 10 minutes instead of 15 to get to that one island right beside you now. No excuses.
Dear readers, if I haven’t bored you to death with my nerd-talk, I ask you this: If something you really loved as a kid, that still stays true to your heart today, was being remade, would you love it just as much?

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