Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Keep Canadian Eminem fans away from vulgar lyrics? SLIM chance!

Keep Canadian Eminem fans away from vulgar lyrics?
SLIM chance!

by: Jiordana Saade

I have always been a huge fan of Eminem. Growing up with an older brother, I would rather listen to one of Eminem’s underground tracks over the Backstreet Boys any day. So when the Famous lyricist, and rap phenomenon released his new album on November 5, 2013, I hastily clicked DOWNLOAD on iTunes.

After going through all 21 songs (a few times) I was really impressed. I haven’t been a huge fan of Eminem’s recent albums, 'Relapse', and "Recovery", and I thought this one was much more authentic to Eminem’s original style. The lyrics in the songs are fantastic, full of quick wit, and clever comments. I was less impressed with some of the back tracks chosen, and thought the melodic choruses, in some cases, did not match up to the lyrics. Nonetheless, I am very pleased with his new work and would do almost anything to see him in concert.

Unfortunately for me, among many Canadian Eminem fans, Eminem was banned from performing in Canada in October 2010 because a Canadian woman complained about the lyrics in one of his songs “ Kill you”, arguing that they violate Canada's law of violence against women, and law of expression.

For over ten years now, Eminem fans like myself have been deprived the right to see him perform in our country, and with the launch of his new CD I believe the exposure would be beneficial for both fans and Slim Shady himself. There have been
various Facebook groups made to lift the ban in certain Canadian provinces in the past, and other forums where people can discuss why the ban is not acceptable. In my opinion, (and yes I do realize I am biased) Eminem’s lyrics are very descriptive, and at times vulgar. However, there are many bands that have performed in Canada with equally if not more vulgar lyrics than Eminem. As a case in point, Cannibal Corpse’s song, 'Hammer smashed face' has lyrics very similar to those of Eminem’s ‘ Kill you’.

Eminem’s new album Marshal Mathers LP II is one of his best out of his recent works. I’ve been listening to the album on repeat, and I’m sure I’m not the only one out there! His hit single “ Monster” feat. Rihanna is on top of the iTunes chart. For those of you who are not yet Eminem fans, or haven’t gotten the chance to listen to his new album, listen HERE.

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