Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Canada's Got Talent ...Hopefully

Standing in line for hours on end, the thousands of singers, dancers, ventriloquists, and people you don’t even know what to call, wait eagerly for their chance at stardom. Everyone vies for their chance to be the next Susan Boyle  or Jackie Evancho.

But as the auditions came to a close this past Friday afternoon, will the highly anticipated  talent show even make it past its first year without bombing? 

Like many of the other spin off shows Canada adopts from our neighbor, Canadian Idol and So You Think You Can Dance? lasted only a few seasons before “taking a rest” as CTV claims Canadian Idol did. So what makes Canada’s Got Talent (CGT) any different?

With YouTube making ordinary people “stars” such as, Justin Bieber and Rebecca Black, it’s no wonder big TV shows are going off air, it’s not making money or bringing in the ratings.

So how can Canada’s Got Talent use YouTube and other social media outlets like it to bring viewers back and make this a show made to last?

Connecting with YouTube
Networking and creating a stronger relationship with the YouTube community will strengthen the interest in both of these media outlets. For example, YouTube paired up with U2 to broadcast their concert live.

Facebook, Twitter ...The Whole Shebang
CGT has a Facebook page with over 13,000 “likes” as well as a twitter account that updates frequently. They regularly respond to people’s questions on both the sites (I LOVE this) and genuinely make you feel like you really matter. Their PR is spot on.

So who can predict the fate of this show? Is this Canada’s year to shine or is the 4th least cool country in the world just destined to fail in the aspect of reality TV?

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