Monday, 3 October 2011


I recently fell in love with Twitter. I've always been in love with cars. So, when I went on my search for accounts to follow on Twitter, I naturally searched car companies that interested me. Mercedes, BMW, Mini, and Audi were among the accounts whose "follow" buttons got clicked.

One day when I looked at what was trending in Toronto, I noticed
a hashtag that read #WantAnR8. I was curious so, I clicked.

What is it?

#WantAnR8 is a campaign by Audi that asks followers to tweet @Audi why they would "WantAnR8" and they then choose some lucky winners! The winners don't win the V10 R8 forever, only for a weekend, but it's just long enough for them to fall in love with it and maybe go out and buy one for themselves.

Lucky Winners

It all started with Julie McCoy who tweeted Audi everyday about how much she wanted an R8. They eventually replied to her telling her that they would be dropping off an R8 to her house for the weekend. She is now the "poster-woman" for the #WantAnR8 campaign.

Another recent winner, Dan Gross, who works in advertising tweeted this to Audi.

It seems that being clever would win you a weekend with your dream car in the case of Mr. Gross. Julie McCoy took the approach of persistence and pure love of the car.

How to win?

Although I'm not positive how Audi chooses their winners, through some careful examination I have found some tips to help you:

  • Attach a video to your tweet.
  • Tweet often!
  • Be clever and genuine!
  • And make sure you have a license to drive the R8 in case you are chosen.

Where to find #WantAnR8?

#WantAnR8 is not only flooding the internet. The Petit Le Mans race in Atlanta, Georgia that covers 1000 miles (1600 kms) had signs for Audi with the hashtag on either side. People who tweeted at the race were eligible to win on that day. Audi's Facebook page is another place where you can connect with people with their eyes on the prize.

Audi PR

The #WantAnR8 campaign is reflecting excellently on Audi's PR! They have used social media to promote not only their R8, but the lifestyle to accompany it. Their "Good PR" move has created a huge community of car lovers within all means of social media.

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