Friday, 7 October 2011


Social networking sites have competition !
I have always been a fan of using social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Skype to connect with family and friends. Now that Google+ has been launched, I have been sceptical using it.
However when I read about the features, I signed up and started using it right away. I noticed how much safer and convenient it was, having combined all the good features from other social networking sites.
From what I noticed Google+ so far does not have any bad qualities to it, the privacy is more controlled than most social networking websites.
The three best features I like about Google+ are the:
The circles are made to separate people into different categories. This allows me to share information privately with a certain group, and the other groups do not see what I wrote.
I truly find this so great because who wants to share information or pictures of what party they went to last night with acquaintances or your boss.
The hangout is another great feature for me because I have a lot of family members who live in different parts of the world. Google+ allows me to have "face chat" with ten people including myself, so I can chat with my grandma, cousins ,aunts and uncles all at the same time !
Sparks is almost like a Twitter, its beneficial for me because I can input a lists of all my interests, topics and news and all that "sparks" does is identify the links. I love this feature because I can stay connected with long distance friends and family and have conversations of what I like or what they like.
Facebook vs. Google+
There have been multiple debates as to which social networking site is better. In my opinion,
I think is Google+ is much better for me because it has more features than any other social networking site. Google+ also has more privacy for its users which I think is a huge deal, unlike Facebook everything you post goes public. In order to get privacy on Facebook there is a "list" and this list takes forever to complete and it doesn't provide enough privacy. Although Google+ is a lot like Facebook it was built to satisfy users' needs for more privacy and convenience. So there is no need to log into multiple networking sites, when you can have all in one.
Do you see yourself switching to Google+ as your main social networking site in the next few weeks? If so you wont be disappointed.

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