Thursday, 6 October 2011


I remember reading a while back that healthcare is the third most popular use of the web. Hoping to pursue a career in this field I thought I would do a little research and see how social media is being implemented in healthcare.

I am directly affected by a heart condition and in the diagnosis process I utilized The Heart and Stroke Foundation as a resource to have questions answered. Their website is a goldmine of information with links connecting you to blogs focusing on specific conditions. Heartlinks is a heart transplant support group connecting transplant patients out of Toronto General Hospital. It is a discussion forum where effected public can receive direct information that is moderated by reputable sources. Blog your way to better health with Healthazoid.

The Heart and Stroke Foundation very effectively uses Twitter as a micro blog of information. There are constant updates of medical statistics, quick and easy tips to managing stress and healthy living. Like The Heart and Stroke Foundation The Breast Cancer Society uses twitter as a direct way of creating public awareness and educate specific demographics on healthcare issues that could relate to them and the importance of screening for diseases.

With limited funds there is very little money directed to these industries marketing budgets. Through the use of social media organizations are able to promote upcoming events and advertising without spending a fortune. The TEAM- FOX blog is specifically devoted to finding uniquely creative ways to raise funds for Parkinson’s and recruit volunteers. Organizations like the Sickkid’s Foundation utilize social networking to keep the community connected with current events and prospective fundraising goals. Click on the hyperlinks to see how Sickkids uses social media.

The Elton John Aids Foundations and The Michael J Fox foundation is a great example of how celebrities personal connections can bring incredible awareness to a cause. Both foundations are very active in social networking.

Instead of fighting for an appointment at your doctors would you ever consider a social network for a diagnosis?

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