Friday, 21 October 2011

Transit Strike Looms Again

It seems now a days it is more often to see workers heading to the picket line rather than seeing them at work. What strike is luring our way at the moment? Earlier last week Air Canada averted their strike with the help of the federal government. This week the new workers strike will affect the transit users of the York Region Transit/VIVA area and the transit users of GO Transit.

Affected Areas:
Bus drivers for the York Region Transit that route around the:
Richmond Hill
area have continuously rejected the new contract offers.

York Region bus drivers are among the lowest paid drivers in the Greater Toronto Area.

For GO Transit users, this would be this first strike in history. Roughly around 8,350 commuters take the GO buses services around York Region daily. For GO Train users, luckily their commute will not be affected.

With 1,500 GO bus drivers and 600 York Region Transit drivers on 85 routes luring too strike, how will students and workers get to and from their appropriated locations?

What is the battle for?
Workers from these unions are fighting for:

Will the strike be over before the Monday October 24 deadline? Or will York Region Transit commuters experience two strikes in one day?

Follow the YRT on twitter @YorkRegionGovt for updates on the strike.

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