Monday, 24 October 2011

NBA Lockout: Who Does It Really Effect?

There is going to be an NBA lockout in 2011.
At this point it is not a question of if it’s going to happen but how long will it last. The two sides involved in the dispute include the NBA owners and the Players Association. History shows that these two sides have not always been in familiar territory; in 1999 both sides failed to reach an agreement and cancelled the first thirty-two games of that season and that was not the greatest season for fans either. However, this does not necessarily mean that games will be canceled this time around but there is no doubt the NBA lockout will directly affect various aspects, which do not include the parties directly involved.


With the NBA nearing a lockout, it has already affected organizations in more ways then one. The NBA lockout impacts other organizations other than the organization itself; the lockout will cost each team two-road games and two-home games in the pre-season. Stadium owners and employees will be affected as no games will take place along with local corporations will loose profits which they would have otherwise made. It does not just affect the players or the owners of the league, but the everyday citizen who is employed because the NBA does what it does each year.

Newly Drafted Players

There is no other excitement in a young basketball player’s career then being drafted into the NBA, but wait if you were drafted in the 2011 you will have to seize your excitement and joy a little longer. With the NBA season in jeopardy newly drafted players are not allowed to speak to their respected teams nor use the teams facilities for any use. Now this is not the best way to start off your career, is it? Further to these restrictions and more importantly players are not able to collect any finances until an agreement is reached.

Fans & Communities

Personally being a basketball junkie, the NBA lockout simply sucks. The excitement and joy of a new season gives basketball fans hope and aspiration for their team’s success. Traveling to games or even viewing it on television brings communities together and for that duration of time allows various communities to share a common bond.

Coming off a season where the national TV ratings were at its all time high, is it time for the NBA to regress or build on its recent success?

By: Sami Singh

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  1. With young players like LeBron James, Kevin Durant and Derrick Rose as the face of the organization, the NBA has a bright future. However this lock out will definitely hurt their image and serve as a set back, but they'll be back and hopefully sooner than everybody thinks.