Friday, 28 October 2011

Facebook Privacy, Could The Secret Service Even Keep It Safe?

There has been an ongoing issue with peoples ability to stay on top of their privacy settings on their Facebook accounts. With constant changes to Facebook and the different ways we can link other sites through our Facebook account and vice versa it is all that much more important that we stay on top of our privacy settings in order to protect ourselves.

Especially now with the new application from the same creator of the Elf Yourself, the very popular Christmas dancing elf greeting cards sent out across the world. The new application is one you need to watch to yourself to truly shock you into understanding the importance of your privacy.

The Application

The premise of their new website is once you log in it asks you to allow it to connect with your Facebook account as do many sites you visit, mostly promising to alert you of deals and specials they are having. What many are unaware of is that when you grant permission for a website to access your Facebook account you never really can be reassured that no one else has the ability to access your Facebook account and then ultimately hack it.

The Reality Check

As you give the website access the “movie” unfolds starring you as the main character. The website takes you on a journey of your Facebook account getting hacked and being “creeped” by an external individual that doesn’t belong to the website you originally gave the access too. It shows you how your misjudgment in allowing a website access and link to your Facebook account can come back to haunt you, literally.

The importance of maintaining the privacy on all our social media websites is imperative today. Although technology is advancing we must remember that we need to be aware of all ways that we can protect ourselves. Take this new application as a friendly reminder to check your privacy settings regularly. Log on to and be a part of your own story, or if your just curious, watch someone else’s story unfold below. After watching this application unfold ask yourself this question, do the social media sites I belong to have the highest possible privacy settings? And if the answer to that question is no, it’s time to go back and reevaluate your privacy settings.

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