Friday, 14 October 2011

Planting the Seed of Knowledge

Its was no surprise to learn that more than half of Canadians under 34 have little or no idea of where the food they eat comes from. It's true that most of the ingredients in the processed and frozen food we eat should remain a mystery, however, I assumed that it was common knowledge that our fruits and come from farms. Old MacDonald anyone? But it turns out that only 41%of young adults don't know there apples and corn come from farms right here in Canada.

With agriculture being the second largest industry in Canada, people should be more aware that buying local produce is keeping our country afloat, not to mention, it's a whole lot healthier to eat fresh, local foods than frozen ones.

Farmers Feeding Cities has launched a program to do just that. They are using social media to reach out to young Canadians so they can interact directly with their local farmers. Using tools such as Skype, and Twitter, Farmers Feeding Cities can get their message out to a larger audience.

I'm impressed with the efforts made by Farmers Feeding Cities to raise awareness about where the food we eat comes from. I think it will promote healthier eating in young people and inspire them to buy local products to support Canada's economy. Does anyone agree?

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