Monday, 24 October 2011



Ahh yes… Facebook has given us many things. It has allowed us to connect with one another like never before: You can find old friends, keep in touch with family, keep your friends updated with what’s going on in your life, share hobbies, photos, network yourself and much more. But is all of this a good thing? Are you really aware of all of the things you post? Most importantly, will the things you post cost you your job or ruin potential career opportunities?

A majority of employers during a hiring process will check out your social networking sites according to a social media monitoring service Reppler. So If you want to protect your job here are the:

Top four "don'ts" on Facebook:

1. Don't post inappropriate photos – yes those high school days when you decided to dress up as a naughty nurse for Halloween maybe…not such a good idea to have up on Facebook. Pictures like these can ruin your image and professionalism. Your boss, or bosses are not going to take you seriously if you have inappropriate pictures on Facebook and may not want you to represent their company.

2. Don't have posts that involve illegal activity- any posts, videos pictures involving illegal substances is generally not a good idea. The fact that its “illegal" future or current employers are NOT going to be impressed with the pictures of you smoking marijuana on the weekend instead of doing your reports.

3. Don't post negative comments – any negative or hateful comments, keep to yourself. These comments are only going to blow up or someone else will find them and read them. For example writing on your status “My boss is so stupid, he cant do anything right” is definitely not a good idea.

4. Don't update your status with derogatory language and don’t reveal embarrassing information on your status update- Keep your status friendly and professional.

Not only will these types of online activities potentially cost you your job but it can also break any chances of you getting hired by any other potential employers. Be careful what you say or do online or else it can come back and haunt you. Going through all of your old pictures and information can take a lot of time which is why Reppler is a good site that can help you flag any content on your Facebook that could be considered as inappropriate.

Another thing you can do is go to your privacy setting on Facebook and make sure your friends can only see what you post. But remember, anything that is posted online is not private. Whatever you post can get in the wrong hands. Everyone is listening and everyone is watching!

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  1. This is becoming more and more important these days as business are becoming more digital media savvy. I remember a time where they use to call it "Bait"book (because it was bait out) when people started to get arrested for user generated content on Facebook. Great relevant post!

    Mark C.