Thursday, 6 October 2011

Packing Myself in Your Suitcase

When a couple of friends of mine I met on a previous trip went to Australia this past summer, I was able to see their progress and read up on their amazing experiences as they travelled along Oz's west coast. Being a traveller myself, I know how it feels to see a place in person than just seeing it online. However, their blogs made it feel like I was there with them because of how they were sharing their trip with me.
So Where Are You Now?
In their case, my friends used TravelPod which states it's the Web's original travel blog. It's free and allows you to post blogs, share photos, pin point where you are at on maps, and other tools. When I went on my Europe trip years ago, I was unaware of all these resources I could have used to connect and share with my friends while I was overseas. Sure I used Facebook to update a status here and there, but I did not utilise it as much as I could have. I kept a travel journal, but what happened if I had posted my experiences through blogs? Till this day, I talk about that trip because it had a significant impact on my life. And so, my friends would have been able to share in that experience with me more so, if I had posted my thoughts and happenings online.
Let's Meet on the Spanish Steps at Noon
Many of my fellow travellers didn't have access to a phone, so by adding them on Facebook, we chatted and messaged each other where and when to meet up. It was a life and money saver in manys because if I did not join this online community, I would have missed out some great sites with my new friends, not to mention miss some crucial bus departure times. As a result, social media has now allowed me to travel smarter and make me more accessible when I do.
Here are some recommended travel resources for your next trip:
Do you agree that social media makes travelling easier? What is your stance on the belief that social media has taken away the adventure of exploring a new place?

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