Thursday, 13 October 2011

Youth Acting Up!

Youth Acting Up! By Haley Lang

The other day I was looking through YouTube videos in an attempt to get inspired to write this blog, when I stumbled across a video titled: Youth Acting Up! My initial assumption was that this video would deal with teen violence, drugs or underachievement.

To my surprise, it was quite the opposite. The video showed Max Seunik. He is 17 and is working toward Global Social Justice. He expresses the importance ofcommunity involvement at a global level for people of all ages.

So what is it?

Youth Acting Up is an award given by the Ontario Council for International Cooperation (OCIC) to youth who are working toward achieving amazing goals.The winners contribute in ways familiar to them in order to make a difference with their talents. Some used theatre to help, some travelled to less fortunate countries to build, and some are making a difference without travelling at all. To gain public awareness each winner posts a video on YouTube displaying what they have done, and their views. The website was recently updated, and now there’s even an Ontario events page on Facebook!To get involved with this organization click here.

What I think...

In my opinion, there could be more done to show their achievements and inspire more youth across North America:

1.Twitter: Interact with the winners and find out ways to work together to make a difference.

2.Facebook: Events, groups and fundraisers could be shared among more people to make a bigger impact.

3.Blogger: The winners could blog about what they are working on and update the public about new ways to get involved.

This is an opportunity for change that shouldn’t be quickly ignored. If you think that you fit the requirements for this award, follow the instructions on the website. If you are now interested in making a difference in this with this organization, follow the links above.

After reading my blog, are you more interested in helping out globally? From a social media perspective, what else could they do to amplify their message?

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