Thursday, 6 October 2011

A good Apple

Yesterday October 5th the World stood still while the news of the death of Steve Jobs was released. The Co-founder of Apple was considered almost a god by many but died like a simple human losing his battle to cancer.

The views towards gods and idols have change in the last 20 years when bibles and political manifestos have been changed by laptops, Ipods and i-pads. The worship for someone with super natural powers like walking on the waters, multiply buns and fishes or make a revolution have changed nowadays for the worship for someone who has enable you to connect with the whole world from the palm of your hand, chat or tweet with millions and have thousands of friends that you have never met.

This is the new religion. The Digital Technology. Their prophets help to satisfy the needs of this hungry society by giving us great inventions as Steve Jobs did with the Apples computers, the I-phone , I-pad and more. We can still find in some homes pictures of Jesus Christ ,Dalai Lama or a political leaders hanging from the parent’s room wall while the kids rooms are decorated with pictures of Bill Gates , Mark Zuckerberg or Steve Jobs. That’s the power of the media, the new technologies and the social networks. They have reshaped the world in a way that it will never be the same.

Our parents used to pray before going to bed every night. We never go to bed before checking our Facebook.

by Karla Gamez

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