Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Social Networking: Dangers of speaking your mind

As the popularity and understanding of
social networks grow, networking sites are becoming more commonly used to broadcast people’s voices and messages for the world to hear. However, by doing so multiple problems are occurring such as:

1. Controversy with what people are saying.

2. Anger towards topics being brought up.

3. Violence to stop people from speaking

When people feel strongly about a certain topic of situation, communities are formed in support. Even when the group’s intentions are good, there will always be an opposing force trying to silence them.

While scanning through the CNN International edition I stumbled across an article that both intrigued and disturbed me. The murder of Maria Elizabeth Macias, a newspaper editor, demonstrates that even with the new found simplicity of these networks to express ourselves and inform others it does not mean you are safe to say whatever you would like. Your computer screen may grant you a sense of security for self-expression, however this technology has made it easier to find people.

Another case which most people have become familiar with is the revolt by Internet-savvy youth in Egypt.

During the anti-government revolt in Egypt citizens turned to the only outlet they could to get their message out. By doing so, their Tweets, Blog posts, and Facebook status’s showed the world what news crews couldn’t. Sadly their voices were silenced but the Government. Thankfully they caused enough stir before the internet wires were cut that people around the world joined together to fight their battle with them.

The internet can be a nasty place. With new networking sites popping up everywhere, it has become easier to get ones opinion heard or facts out to the public.

However this can cause tension between people or communities. Reactions can be defensive. At times the defensive behaviour is taken too far. Tempers flare producing dangerous or degrading situations.

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