Thursday, 27 October 2011


Social media means making those who interact with you part of your community. Of course you are part of the social media world and you know how important it is! So you comment, post and interact with others and their positive comments, posts, re-tweets, and “likes” always make your day! Now think for a second- what would you do if suddenly your audience was gone? Suddenly, there is no one following you and no one is interested in what you have to say. There is no doubt that would be devastating! Here are a few tips to embrace your audience.


When someone sends a personal message, on Twitter, e-mail, or Facebook, you should make every effort to respond to him or her promptly. It’s amazing how many people appreciate a simple response. Wouldn’t you? I know I do, so why wouldn’t my audience? These are the people who are hearing you out. They are there for encouragement and support and they deserve to be recognized.


Always engage with your audience, whether they take interest or not. It could be advice on a new product you want to try or help deciding what book to read next, or the next movie you want to see. Its good to ask questions that your audience can answer easily. You would be surprised at how many responses you would with a question that’s simple and interactive.


“Hey! Thanks for following me! Check out my website at www. . .!” When you receive this message it shows you that the person you just started following doesn’t have the time to personally connect and engage with you, they are only trying to get you to check out their other pages. If you received a personal message you would likely check out their page and decide from there whether you would follow them, vs. just ignoring that message.


When someone retweets or shares something of yours, try and thank them publicly.A simple and vocal thanks does more for you and the recipient than any other kind of gratitude. Embracing your audience means making them an active member of your community.


It’s very important to let your audience know that you’re still around and you just don’t have anything to say/ are too busy lately. Just post something! Anything! Otherwise they would think that you’ve abandoned your blog, twitter, and or Facebook.

Your audience will appreciate your gestures and will be sure to reciprocate. Whether you are on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, there are so many ways to show your appreciation to your social media audience.

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