Monday, 10 October 2011

Thanks.....with a side of giving


Yesterday was Thanksgiving for us Canadians. A time for everyone to reflect on all the things they are truly thankful for, and bond with the world’s [second] favourite poultry—turkey. Besides all the usual trimmings of said holiday, I had the opportunity to volunteer at Yonge St. Mission’s Church at the Mission (CATM) with my family for their annual Thanksgiving banquet. It was great to get out and actually give, so if you have free time or are looking for a great place to volunteer I definitely recommend the Yonge St. Mission.

Quick Facts about the Yonge St. Mission:

· Began in 1896 as a horse-drawn ‘gospel wagon’

· Non-profit organization

· Last year alone welcomed 18,000 individuals in over 185, 000 visits.

Offer a variety of programs including : food bank and meal programs, employment and computer training, school readiness programs, counselling, daycare and a post-secondary Education Award

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The Social Connection

One of the great things about the Mission, besides their amazing work in the community, is their social media presence. In the current world where social media is everywhere, it is easy for sites like Twitter to become sidetracked with jokes and ‘TMI’ moments. The fact that social media can be a platform for awareness, important social causes and even revolution is a feat that should not be ignored. Yonge St. Mission uses social media to recruit volunteers, inform about upcoming events and campaigns, which is definitely keeps the community engaged.

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Without sounding like to much of a cliché, volunteering is truly the gift that keeps on giving. I can honestly say I did leave The Mission inspired and definitely motivated to do more volunteer work. It’s definitely great to take a day and give thanks...but we should all remember that the ‘giving’ part is just as important. So try it out....your turkey won’t be mad, I promise!

How can you give back to the community? Have you ever volunteered on a holiday? Do you think social media is an effective medium for non-profit organizations?

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