Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Social Media for Burglars: Breaking & Entering 101

Going on vacation? Be Careful...

You might want to think twice about letting everybody on your favourite social media sites know that you’ll be away. A recent study done by Friedland Security has shown that burglars are increasingly using social media sites to plan their next home invasion.

So ask yourself this, have you ever posted your vacation plans on a social network site? Most of us have, out of sheer excitement that we’re about to embark on an adventure. I certainly have. This summer I went on vacation with my family to British Columbia. I posted a countdown 5 days prior to my departure date in my status on facebook, and then while I was away I tweeted constantly about the amazing experience I was having. I never had the slightest fear that someone could be reading my posts and tweets and targeting me as their next victim.

Burglars are targeting their victims through social networks because people are posting their vacations plans including when they are going to be leaving their homes unattended.

Among the most frequented sites where burglars are seeking their information are:

You might change your status to let your friends know that you will be away. Or while away on vacation you might tweet about the different things you are doing. Now with Google Earth people can find where you live, and what your house looks like.

Ask yourself this…

Does putting yourself out there come with a price? And the next time you’re going on vacation will you think twice about posting it?

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