Monday, 15 October 2012

Deflate That Belly Today!

Have you ever felt your internal alarm going off once Mother Nature changes her course and thaw away the wrath of Old Man Winter? I’m sure you all know what I’m referring to… that internal alarm of yours going off and being all like, “Time to hit the gym to shed some jiggly-jiggly; time to get my body bikini ready!” For many, it is always easier said than done. What’s the point when one commits for a few days only to go back to his or her old habits. Let’s face it, fast food is convenient, junk food hits the spot, simple carbs and sugars provide temporary alertness and energy, and the weekends are hard to say no to –us college kids love to binge drink. But what really sets the fit apart from the unfit is obviously dedication. Dedication plus patience is the formula to a successful body.

 Before & current

I decided to join the gym earlier this year in March. It was my first time ever owning a gym membership, and being under a one-year contract is helping me stay motivated. I decided that being “skinny-fat” was not where I wanted to be. I was willing to make sacrifices; I was willing to make magic happen. I started at 124 lbs. in March and now I am currently sitting at 113 lbs. (refer to before and current picture).

Here are my tips on what worked for me:
  1. Cut the fast food out completely –bon voyage McDonald’s!   
  2.  Start getting used to veggies... one step at a time baby
  3. Substitute simple carbs for whole wheat or multi-grain
  4. Snack time: Fruits > chocolate, chips, ice cream
  5. Spend at least 3 to 4 days/week at the gym (cardio is a must) 
  6. Drink at least four bottles of water per day –cut out sugary juices and sodas
I am currently working on cutting out alcohol as well as focusing on eating clean…

 Prepping my meals help me control my daily food intake
Information on healthy meat and vegetables that you should eat!

Are you willing to make a change in your life today? Being healthy will only benefit you. Keep yourself inspired and motivated. Think long term and envision how you want your body to look like. I guarantee you will see results within a few weeks and even bigger results within one year. Eating clean and working out has now become a lifestyle for me and I cannot wait for more results.

I highly recommend checking out these website to help you with your journey:

So what are you waiting for? Go be the best you that you can be!


  1. Alisa I loved your blog. It was filed with great links and photo's that are very relevant and helpful. Your content was fun and personal making it easier to relate to you as a blogger. I would though add a few more pictures or comments about maybe what you do at the gym and what you would focus on.
    Overall a great blog can't wait to read more.

  2. Thank you Paige for the your comments and suggestions! I will definitely include more pictures and my workout regime for next time. :)