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December 28, 2009

One of the most difficult and depressing days any hard rock or metal fan will relate too. This was the day the music industry lost an amazing drummer, and inspiration. Jimmy 'The Rev' Sullivan, drummer of Avenged Sevenfold died of an overdose and an enlarged heart. 

Jimmy was a really rare person. If you watched his videos or even listened to him talk he seemed really wise and full of life. He was truly a one of a kind individual. He loved his friends and family and above all, his fans. Avenged Sevenfold has always been a very fan oriented band, he thank their fans repeatedly, which is shown in their various

This was the show I went to all the way in Quebec City just to see them. The thing with this band is that they are true entertainers. They will keep you hooked onto them till the very last song, from their witty remarks to their beautiful lyrics.
Their music truly does inspire and help me get through the day because they talk about not letting go when the time gets rough and that even though life may suck right now, and you feel down it all gets better in the future.

This is one reason I absolutely adore Jimmy as a person. Even when he'd completely smashed the man still can be deep! Its crazy ... and a little crude.

Not only is Jimmy extremely funny, but he has crazy, ridiculous talent. Growing up, his drumming instructor mentioned he drums with a very different pattern then the usual one.

Just knowing that someone like Jimmy isn't alive anymore ... it breaks my heart. The world needs more crazy and wacky people like him, who also understand the true meaning of life. Jimmy may have only lived for 28 years, but he lived life to the fullest, and that's more then anyone could ask for. I truly hope he's found his little piece of heaven.

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