Wednesday, 17 October 2012


Have you ever wanted to listen to a song but couldn’t think of one to suit the mood? Have you ever needed a playlist for a certain moment in time but couldn’t find what you were looking for? Have no fear, Songza is here! Songza is the revolutionary way to listen to music online. It incorporates expertly curated playlists from different music gurus for virtually any different mood you may be in. Although Songza was introduced in 2007, it has only recently become a mainstream music website in Canada. In March 2012, Songza introduced its “music concierge” which is a revolutionary new way to find that exact song for the exact mood. The concierge provides users with up to six different situations depending on the time of day.

                                                 Take for instance Monday morning…

                                                                And Monday evening…

Some of Songza’s concierge playlists include:
Still waking up
Being lazy
A weekday dance party
Working (lyrics, no lyrics)
Putting your party dress on
Love and romance
Bed time
This is in addition to the thousands of different genre playlists, which can be found by clicking Browse All

One of the advantages of Songza is the ability to find songs that would ordinarily not have been found elsewhere. For instance, I was browsing through the Hip Hop & R&B playlists to find music by one of my favourite groups, A Tribe Called Quest and ended up finding similar music by a group called The Jungle Brothers, and even found a few tracks they did together. Needless to say, I was blown away. 
  This is a major advantage for online music streaming in Canada. Our neighbours to the south (The US of A) have plenty of different streaming sites such as Google Play Music, Pandora, Hulu, but up here in Canada the market is slim. Songza revolutionizes the online music-streaming world, which will hopefully encourage growth in this particular field for Canadians.

Give it a listen; I’m sure you will not be disappointed!

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